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Popularity of leather decorations increases in the luxury industry

Decorating with leather goods in the luxury industry is becoming increasingly popular in 2015, according to leather accessories specialist, Absolute Breton.

Javier Villanueva Breton, CEO of Absolute Breton commented, “In our experience, leather is sneaking into many homes, yachts and private jets to be the star of the rooms, lounges and halls. It is one of the most current trends in decoration, and we are seeing it used for furniture, carpets, ornamental pieces and more.

“Decorating with leather provides a style of its own to the rooms and, specially, pervades elegance and sophistication to the spaces. It is a classic material that has always been valid for decoration, but now it returns on a renewed way.”

According to Absolute Breton one of the biggest trends of today is furniture with leather finishes however, designers and leather workers are also taking this further, by using leather for many other handmade decoration products and unique pieces of art.

Javier also explained how leather is currently being used on different types of chairs, armchairs and sofas. He commented, “It is an idea which is being applied a lot within Nordic countries and the style of Scandinavian decoration, but it is getting stronger in other countries too.

“Leather is a material that matches very well with different decoration styles like classical (traditional or renewed), vintage, Scandinavian or eclectic, among others. It is a very versatile matter, perfect to be incorporated within more styles or within a combination of them.”

Javier finished by explaining, “There is a great range of leather types that are still being used for manufacturing decoration goods or furniture. We employ cowhide, lambskin or eel leather for the finishes of our goods, because of their adaptability and the elegance that they provide to the items. Regarding colours, even though a wide range of shades are still being used, dark colours are yielding to more neutral hues, also in line with the spring arrival.”

For more information, visit Absolute Breton.

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