Power systems training for yacht crew deemed a success by Atlas Marine Systems

Leading supplier of marine electrical power management systems, Atlas Marine Systems, recently held an informative training session to educate yacht captains and crew on how to operate their electrical power equipment, including the ShorPOWER® and TecPOWER™ systems.

The training session was conducted by highly qualified electrical engineers with many years of experience in the marine industry. The training was held at Rybovich in West Palm beach, Florida, on Thursday 7th May, 2015.

Tom Sullivan of Atlas Marine Systems commented, “The objective is to enhance the electrical knowledge of captains and engineers and provide comprehensive training on how to operate Atlas ShorPOWER® and TecPOWER™ systems utilising all of the advanced features and functions.  Our goal is to provide additional training to optimise the use of these systems and assist them in obtaining the full benefit of the equipment. The training covers everything the captains and engineers need to know in order to help them get the most out of their systems and make their vessel easier to operate from an electrical point of view. Topics include everything from electrical theory to the hands‐on operation of the actual switchboard.”

These new educational sessions for crew are aimed to improve their overall knowledge of the electrical systems on board, therefore ensuring the power equipment is properly maintained, cared for and used correctly should any challenges arise.

Tom continued, “With today’s high crew turnover, it’s essential to ensure all crew are confident in using their on-board systems, so whatever happens, there will always be someone properly qualified, with operating knowledge to maintain the system. This also ensures that when regularly maintained, the equipment will have an extended life span.”

Topics of the sessions include:

  • Basic electrical theory
  • Shore power converters (how they work and an overview)
  • Harmonics
  • Shore power converters – using them
  • Atlas TecPOWER power management switchboards

Atlas Marine Systems will continue to schedule these training sessions in the future as part of a continuing education programme for captains and crew. The frequency and schedule of these sessions will be based on the number of requests, so potential delegates are being encouraged to contact Atlas Marine if they have any interest.

Tom finished, “This training session held in West Palm Beach was schedule for one day, however, these training presentations can be customised depending on the audience. The training held at Ryybovich was a great success and we look forward to planning more sessions in the future to support crew.”

Download a full outline of the topics here.

For more information, contact Eric Hruska at erichruska@rybovhich.com or for more information on the company, visit Atlas Marine Systems.

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