Powerful DVB-RCS2 standard – Already operating in the new Global IP hubs

Global IP has increased its global coverage and is improving the efficiency and performance of their services, thanks to the DVB–RCS2 standard, which is already operating in the Global-IP hubs worldwide.

With rich and powerful DVB-RCS2 technology, Global IP is now able to offer wider coverage, increased performance, and higher availability while continuing to offer affordable, sensible, and competitive costs to customers.

Higher capacity services are now available, employing a lower quantity of MHz, while remaining more efficient. Customers are now able to uplink many more Mbps with much smaller antennas and lower power radios.

STM is the world leader in developing the DVB-RCS and RCS2 standard based products. STM SatLink DVB-RCS2 (“2nd generation”) modems are the first and only in the industry who support both Adaptive Carrier Selection (ACS) and Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM) per each VSAT on all TDMA carriers.

A SatLink DVB RCS2 dynamically adjusts the modulation, coding and symbol rate of each remote location, adapting the system to the immediate local conditions at the VSAT at very high speeds. This further optimises efficiency and reliability for each VSAT and greatly simplifies network operations. With ACM and ACS working together in a STM SatLink network, the customer VSAT's return link keeps operating during the most severe fade.

Sebastian Catolfi-Salvoni, CTO for Global IP, stated, “With DVB-RCS2 we are outfitting our customers with the latest technology, providing them the best performance, higher capacities, bigger coverage, and attractive prices. Joining together DVB-S2 and DVB-RCS2 we are able to maximize the availability of our Ku-band links, especially in the worst weather conditions. The fact that DVB-RCS2 standard is already operating in Global IP hubs is a big step to achieve the goal of providing global service at the highest efficiency possible”.

For more information please visit www.globalip.eu.

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