PowerShark from Waveblade eats through marine fouling

Waveblade Ltd is at Seawork to show the new PowerShark WB3000, a rechargeable, submersible power tool which removes barnacles and other unwanted growth in seconds. According to its makers, the PowerShark delivers a new level of efficiency to the maintenance of hulls and other marine structures.
The PowerShark uses patented resonant wave technology. Oscillating at a 3,000 rpm frequency the tool's cleaning head actually breaks the chemical bond between materials.  In the process, the most stubborn fouling falls away, leaving work surfaces undamaged. The PowerShark is suitable for large yachts, commercial vessels, fishing boats and underwater structures, which need to be kept free of biofouling.
Effective on more than just marine growth, the PowerShark also removes flaking rust, slag or foam rubber matting. It safely cleans numerous surfaces, including metals, rubber, PVC, conduit, wood, concrete and fibreglass gel coat. The completely waterproof tool operates both on land and underwater, with a 20ft (6m) depth rating.
Behind the PowerShark's bite lies a 12.8V lithium iron phosphate rechargeable battery pack with a 6Ahr rating. The battery provides a continuous running time of up to 90 minutes, and comes equipped with its own custom charger. A handy holster provides unlimited user mobility.
The PowerShark kit, including PowerShark tool with battery pack, battery charger, three blades and storage bag, retails for £580 (ex VAT), £699 (inc VAT).
Full global launch of the PowerShark will be in September. For more information, visit www.waveblade.com.

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