Oceanair launches innovative curtain quick release system for use on luxury vehicles

Leading marine blind and shading specialists, Oceanair has created a new Curtain Quick Release System, ideal for use with powered curtains. Automated curtain tracks are fast becoming a must-have on any luxury vessel, however, when a tie-back is added the deployment of the curtain becomes a manual process again. Having to walk to the curtain to undo the tie-back before deploying the curtain via remote control defeats the enhancement of having powered curtain tracks.

Oceanair has solved this problem with an automated Curtain Quick Release System. Operated by an electro-magnet, magnetic discs are added on to the tie-back and the tie-back housing. When the curtain is deployed, an electronic pulse is sent to the tie-back distorting the magnetic field and thus splitting the tie-back from the housing, leaving the curtain to remotely sweep into motion. This gives a boat owner ultimate control from the comfort of their armchair. The Curtain Quick Release System is simple to install and integrates with any onboard control system.

Oceanair’s tie-backs, whether plaited or cut into a specific shape to fit with the curtain style, all work with the Curtain Quick Release System. Oceanair’s Curtain Collection is entirely made-to-measure, the range provides infinite versatility through a vast array of fabrics including black out, lined, interlined, fire retardant and UV reflective options and a choice of colours, textures and patterns. Oceanair are also happy to work with client supplied fabrics, or source them on their behalf.

As one of the market leaders within the luxury vessel and superyacht sector, Oceanair "prides themselves on their attention to detail, quality of service and delivery to an uncompromisingly high standard".

Visit www.oceanair.co.uk for further information or email salesenquiries@oceanair.co.uk.