Vicem Vulcan 46m "Le Caprice V" to make debut in Antibes

The new 46m Vicem Vulcan "Le Caprice V" will be on public display at the Antibes Yacht Show this week, for the first time.

The most notable features of this new yacht include three decks, and the sundeck at the very top of the atrium, which provides some fantastic views. The open Atrium design provides 45 feet of unbroken natural lighting, from the very top of the sundeck all the way down to the lower deck.

It is a landmark design as no vessel of this size has ever been able to provide this degree of open airiness.

Other features include a roomy jacuzzi, a large bar area, VIP suite, provate gymnasium and much more. The yacht can hold up to 12 guests including the owners.

See the new Vicem yacht at the Antibes Yacht Show this week, or for more information please visit