ENJO Yachting launches chemical free cleaning products

ENJO is a revolutionary, chemical-free method of cleaning which removes oil, dirt, grease, dust and even bacteria, with a whole range of uniquely designed and manufactured fibres; and just water.
Hanne and Rob Donald, the founders of ENJO Yachting, have recently introduced this ground-breaking cleaning process to the yachting industry all over the world.
Historically ENJO has been a household method of cleaning, with its strongest foothold in Australia. And now with the birth of ENJO Yachting, the fibre range has specifically designed products to combat all the difficult cleaning in each area, from the galley, bathrooms, interior, to all floor surfaces including deck.
Hanne and Rob Donald of ENJO said:
“Rob and I were running our hotel in Australia when an ENJO representative came to us with this amazing method of cleaning, ENJO. I had never heard of the products so gave the sales girl five minutes to find out what it was all about…and instantly loved it and saw the huge potential for the global yachting market. I became a consultant for ENJO Australia and leant the business. Rob and I then decided we would take ENJO into the yachting world. Having thirty years yachting experience between us, and many contacts, it was the perfect platform to reach out with ENJO.’ Says Hanne
‘Having designed our business plan, we decided the best place to anchor ourselves would be in the hub of the yachting world in the Mediterranean, Palma de Mallorca. We opened the office in Palma this January and have been really well received. The biggest challenge is training the chefs, chief stews and deck crews to get into the habit of using our products and less chemicals and also changing the buyer behavior, but once the crew see the products, they love them! We’re excited about a chemical-free future in yachting.”
With the world becoming more aware of the need to look after our seas and our health, the market is open to opportunities that reduce the need for using products that create excess pollution in the oceans, or can penetrate our bodies in a potentially harmful way with harsh chemicals.

ENJO also has the added benefits of saving time and money, when comparing the ENJO cleaning method to that of traditional methods of cleaning on board.
ENJO Yachting has set up its roots in the heart of the yachting industry in Palma de Mallorca. The business has hit the ground running boasting a daily growing clientele of some of the world’s most famous superyachts and glowing recommendations from chief stewardesses and captains alike.
David Greene, from Greene Ocean Yacht Services said, “I use ENJO on all the yachts I look after and maintain. I have been using ENJO for six months and am absolutely delighted with the results. Its really easy to get to grips with and I would use it on any yacht I look after, and recommend it to crew too.”
ENJO Yachting now has a permanent base in Mallorca and with the growth of popularity is excited about working with sub-distributors for the products globally.
To find out more about the products, or to become a trained sub-distributor, please contact Rob or Hanne on +34 634 34 74 69 or email info@enjo-yachting.com