EMC acquires STM and its' Entities - Global IP and Vodanet Brasil

Emerging Markets Communications (EMC), a global satellite communications provider and satcom technology manufacturer, has recently announced that is has acquired STM and its affiliate entities Global IP and Vodanet Brasil.

STM is a leading hardware manufacturing company for the satellite industry with proven experience developing high quality and bandwidth-efficient, VSAT products based on the DVB-RCS2 standard. Global IP is a global satellite connectivity services provider, specialising in the mobility, maritime and oil and gas markets. Vodanet serves as an operating company in Brazil, and is fully licensed to provide VSAT services both onshore and offshore. The combined organisation has over 20 years of industry experience in 150 countries with over 150,000 VSAT terminals deployed in to service.

EMC’s unique satellite connectivity offering now includes a global C-band and Ku-band footprint for high availability enterprise networks with the largest number of wholly-owned field support locations in the industry. EMC owns and manages 32, in-country field support centers worldwide. These support centers are staffed with EMC-certified engineers, spare parts, test equipment and manage all logistics in deploying, maintaining and repairing services for onshore and offshore customers.

Abel Avellan, founder and CEO of Emerging Markets Communications said, “STM, Global IP and Vodanet Brasil bring significant value to EMC’s portfolio of services and capabilities, complementing our infrastructure, technology and vision of delivering a fully integrated solution to customers in the most remote locations worldwide. We are very excited about leveraging our combined capabilities and new positioning to address the growing mobility and maritime markets. The collective STM entities’ expertise in providing network services in key verticals, particularly offshore and mobility, combined with its innovative satellite technology are tremendous assets to EMC and STM customers.”

For more information, visit www.globalip.eu.