Colorlight to premier new lighting concept at SMM Hamburg

Colorlight will premier new upgraded LED concept, the CLED-SLX, at SMM Hamburg this week. Their powerful LED searchlight can endure the roughest seas. LED technology developed by Luminell is powerful enough for offshore vessels which require placement of old halogen lights.

The new CLINT concept tackles the age-old problem of adjusting your lightbeam, which current takes time and manpower with a traditional joystick. Colorlight’s CLINT solution simplifies this; simply address a point on an electronic seachart to acquire the target.

The target can either be fixed or moving, the searchlight will control itself to keep the beam on target. The searchlight knows its own position and heading and will adjust itself to stay on target. The CLINT control system is parallel to the regular joystick control and comes in a package of a 12" touchscreen with PC, control software from TMQ and a basic set of electronic sea charts. The system communicates with the vessel sensors based on NMEA standard. 

Powerful LED searchlight, to endure the roughest seas. LED technology developed by Luminell. Powerful enough for Offshore vessels where you want to replace the old halogen type of light that has a low efficiency and high maintenance need. 

For more information visit Colorlight or meet the team at stand 234 in hall B6 at SMM to see it live.