Dometic delivers new STS900 chiller to Trinity Yachts

Dometic Marine has announced that it has signed an agreement with Trinity Yachts, LLC to provide the high-capacity Dometic STS900 chiller for Trinity’s TO62 vessel, a 194-foot superyacht.

The new STS900 is a state-of-the-art chiller for yachts up to 200ft, providing 75 tons of cooling capacity and 75 kilowatts of heat. It offers advanced features to adjust to extreme seawater temperatures, regulate water flow through the system, reduce stress on the boat generator, simplify maintenance and ensure optimal operation.

Dometic engineers worked closely with Trinity Yachts to design the chiller to the company’s precise specifications. The chiller comes with a touch-screen display that is customisable to Trinity Yachts requirements. It offers remote connectivity out of the box, with complete access from smart phones, tablets and computers. Technicians can use the remote connectivity to control, diagnose and troubleshoot the chiller.

William S. Smith III, vice president of sales and marketing at Trinity Yachts said, “The STS900 is an ideal system for our superyacht customers who voyage to extremely hot climates as well as to cooler temperatures. It offers a high level of visibility and control, with a design that will maximise operation and minimise maintenance. We are delighted to be addressing our clients’ needs not only with this chiller implementation, but also with Dometic’s extended product line of HVAC and Livos engine ventilation equipment."

Ed Todd, director of OEM sales at Dometic Marine added, “The STS900 is a ‘smart’ chiller that provides yacht owners, their captains and engineers with advanced technology – such as a variable frequency drive, programmable logic controllers and electronic expansion valves – to ensure optimal operation under any conditions. Yacht owners and their guests will be cool on the hottest days and warm when the weather chills – regardless of where they are travelling. Superyacht customers with this smart chiller can now rely on Dometic for their complete heating, cooling and engine ventilation needs.”

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