Shuttleworth Design showcases new launches with new look website

British design studio, Shuttleworth Design has announced the launch of a new website, and showcased its two latest projects; the 32m and 70m power trimaran superyachts.

Shuttleworth has announced the development of the new models, which are heavily based upon the architecture of the award-winning 42.5m superyacht, Adastra, launched in China in 2012. 

The 32m power trimaran concept has been designed with long distance voyaging in mind; powered by a single 1150hp C18 caterpillar engine with an additional 110hp engine in each outrigger for maneuvering and back up propulsion; she has a top speed of 23 knots and a range of 12 knots in excess of 6,000nm. 

She is designed in a ‘rugged explorer’ style, with the contemporary lightweight exterior designed to maximise interior volume whilst maintaining stability, performance and efficiency. She accommodates four guests and two crew across her open plan interior space, which can be compartmentalised when required.

Although lightweight, the trimaran hull has the strength and rigidity for heavy weather ocean capability, allowing for high speed and comfort for ocean cruising anywhere at any time.

The Shuttleworth 70m trimaran boasts a sleeker aerodynamic exterior than the 32m, but with the same stability, performance and efficiency; at 14 knots, her range will be in excess of 7,000nm, and her top speed of 25 knots can be increased to 30 knots with alternative engine options. 

The interior accommodates 12 guests and 14 crew, and houses a dedicated deck just for the owner’s quarters. With the space above the wings available for accommodation, the hull boasts an entire deck for living and entertaining, which spans the vessel’s 23m beam.

With the launch of the new website, Shuttleworth have also announced a further 80m trimaran project which is currently under development. She will boast the same performance and efficiency features as the 70m, again offering spacious accommodation on the main deck, and room for 14 on board guests and 18 crew. 

For more information on any of the trimaran projects, visit Shuttleworth Designs.