Oceanair enhances production and design capabilities

Oceanair, one the world’s leading blind suppliers in the marine market, recently made some significant changes in their factory and engineering team.

Oceanair announced that its design team has recently acquired a new piece of equipment to further its product development. The Makerbot 2X is a new 3D printer allowing the team to develop and test concepts and samples very quickly in-house. Previously having to outsource the making of sample components had cost implications, which meant that some ideas were not always tried and developed. However, now a sample can be created and printed in about 30 to 60 minutes depending on the size, and components can be tested and further developed if required. Additionally, according to Oceanair, the printer cuts down on valuable design and development time, as a sample no longer has to be sent away to be made.

Furthermore, the factory has recently taken delivery of a new state-of-the-art cutting table. Measuring just over 5x4 metres in size, the new cutting table offers higher levels of productivity and Oceanair now has the capacity to make its largest roller blinds to date. It provides accurate handling and precision when cutting even the most challenging of materials. This all serves to improve Oceanair’s efficiency, lead times and a better working environment.

Finally, due to a large increase in orders for sought after luxurious Sky Venetian Leather blinds, Oceanair has expanded the leather Venetian manufacturing area of the factory. This area is now an extremely active hub where all their leather Venetian slats are hand finished. The new leather work table, new powered testing rig and three new members of staff now provide quicker lead times for our customers whilst maintaining the high quality of these blinds.

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