uSAIL® has successful first summer season

Syntelix, a Spanish provider of VSAT & IT, has recently announced that its maritime brand, uSAIL®, has achieved a successful first summer season in the superyacht industry, according to the company.

Following its launch last year, uSAIL® has already been installed on dozens of yachts, as well as tugboats and coast guard vessels, all of which according to CEO Carlos Derqui, were extremely happy with the benefits of the service.

Carlos Derqui, Syntelix co-founder and CEO commented,  “We are very proud and confident, there is no offer in the market as costumer-centric as ours. On charters, for example, our versatility was inconceivable until now. ”

Carlos went on to say “Based on a proprietary cloud-based development and operated on a standard VSAT technology, uSAIL® is an adaptable user-oriented commercial approach for maritime internet broadband demands. They offer unlimited high-speed Internet connectivity on demand and on a daily basis, including VoIP, so it fits the seasonal nature of a charter superyacht.

“uSAIL® enables yacht captains to jump from one speed plan to another on any given day simply by using a web/mobile application.”

For more information, visit uSAIL®.