Flying Charter celebrates its 19th birthday

Flying Charter has announced that it is celebrating its 19th birthday this month, with over 2,000 yacht charters successfully executed.

Founded in 1997 by Mr Carlo Pettorosso, a former owner and skipper of a charter yacht, Flying Charter started out as a central agent for a single yacht and now acts a single agent for 16 yachts worldwide. 

In its 19 years, Flying Charter has seen Carlo become a Registered Shipbroker, and has also become recognised as a corporate member of the Mediterranean Yacht Broker Association (MYBA). Flying Charter’s CEO has also gained recognition as an individual member of the MYBA. 

In the last year, Flying Charter has also refreshed its marketing department with a new marketing director, Luce di Lella, who is currently overseeing the development of a new website and brand overhaul for the business. 

Speaking to Yachting Pages, Carlo Pettorosso said of the success of the business over its 19 years, “I am fully convinced that, in most cases, it is the crew that makes the charter. 

“A well-trained, professional and experienced staff is key to success, as it will be able to anticipate the needs of every guests, and to pamper them with first-class service. That’s why we personally meet and select every crewmember working aboard our charter yachts, and we’re in close contact with them for the whole duration of each cruise.

“Last but not least, a well-planned itinerary will do the trick. Having worked on board myself, I have an extensive experience of the Mediterranean coasts; moreover our head office is in the heart of our main cruising area, and this allows us to craft perfectly-tailored travel plans because we’ve been to almost every destination, port or restaurant that we’re suggesting, and we’ve selected on the very best.” 

Carlo added, “Being well-organised is crucial, as well as keeping a close eye to every detail of the whole charter process, from the moment of the choice of the yacht to the disembarkation of the guests. Furthermore, it is essential to always be reachable, to have good interpersonal skills and also a strong patience, because in our work we need to keep on good terms with clients, owners and colleagues.

“Our guests are very demanding because they’re used to a high standard of luxury and sometimes it’s hard to please their requests.”

For more information, visit Flying Charter.