Excelerate to showcase latest maritime sat-com technologies at Cannes and Monaco

Excelerate, a leading maritime broadband and satellite communications provider to the superyacht industry, is to show off its latest offerings and technologies at the upcoming Cannes and Monaco yacht shows. 

The firm will be exhibiting alongside Sunseeker as the preferred connectivity partner of Sunseeker London, responsible for Sunseeker’s distribution in the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy. 

Excelerate’s latest connectivity technology is installed on the Sunseeker 95, which Sunseeker will be exhibiting at both yacht shows. The partnership allows Excelerate to assist Sunseeker salespeople where appropriate at the shows in explaining the technical concepts of their technology, and also to assist other partners and deal with interest from captains and owners. 

Speaking with Yachting Pages, David Savage, chief executive chairman at Excelerate said, “My mission is to make a captain’s day easier and less stressful by making an owner’s day better at lower cost. In the worst circumstances we can save an owner a fair amount of money and in the best circumstances we can save an owner tens of thousands of euros over two or three seasons.”

Keen to prove its point, Excelerate has purchased its own Sunseeker 94, now named M/Y Excelerate Z, to act as a fully-fledged demonstration yacht for its satellite technologies and also a research and development platform.

David Savage said of M/Y Excelerate Z, “We intend to make M/Y Excelerate Z the ‘Yacht of the Possible’ to allow captains, owners and partners to put us to the test and to allow us to prove that we can deliver what we say, at values which will make our VSAT Connectivity offerings as normal as electricity.”

For more information, visit Excelerate.