Yury Skripnik creates first hydrofoil yacht

Moscow-based Skripnik Design has introduced a new take on the hydrofoil technology of commercial shipbuilding by creating the very first hydrofoil yacht concept, named Rocket.

With wing-like foils mounted under her hull, the 37-metre hull is lifted up and out of the water as she gains speed, allowing her to reach a top speed of 60 knots with relatively low fuel consumption. This is achieved by reducing the wetted area, resulting in decreased drag and increased speed. By being lifted above the water, rolling and pitching movements are also reduced to a minimum.

On board, Rocket’s flybridge features a carbon-fibre bimini roof that can be raised when the deck is in use, or lowered for improved aerodynamics while cruising at high speed. The swimming platform can also be stored away while she is underway to give her a cleaner, more streamlined shape.

The first commercial craft to use hydrofoil technology was built back in 1952 by Swiss company Supramar. Since then it has been widely used on passenger ferries and patrol craft, but never before in the yachting industry.

Rocket takes advantage of solar technology, with over 30% of her surface covered in solar panels to reduce generator usage on board.

For more information, visit Skripnik Design