Q&A with Besenzoni on the latest developments, challenges and buying behaviours of gangways

Yachting Pages recently spoke to Fiorella Besenzoni from world-renowned gangway company Besenzoni to discuss the challenges, latest developments and the new buying behaviour of clients in the yachting industry and how they are adapting.

1.    Is Besenzoni working on any new gangway developments at the moment? 

Each new superyacht is a completely new challenge for us, but currently we have seven collections and over 170 products. We continuously improve our products and are always introducing new product ranges. We are actually working on six different products and will be presenting them at future boat shows.

2.    What are the biggest challenges that gangway manufactures are facing at the moment?

The first challenge is safety and reliability. At sea, no fail is allowed. The second challenge is flexibility in engineering as well as in design and production technologies in order to offer tailor made solutions.

3.    What is the latest gangways technology? Is it having a big impact on your business? 

From a manufacturing point of view, new production technologies mean the cutting process; welding, painting, final fitting is evolving everyday. We can’t neglect it.

From a product point of view, it would have to be digital convergence. Our team is working on different ways to apply multifunctional touch screen panel controls to our products.

4.    What are your top tips for buying, maintaining and installing gangways? 

Yacht crew should ask for the highest quality of materials, as well as smart designs that take into account maximum care of safety and general reliability. Use specific products to maintain your gangway or passerelle, i.e. oil for the ramp and soft detergent for the teak footboard.

Look for a high professional after sales network with a worldwide presence that ensures rapid and immediate support, not only during the warranty period but also throughout the whole product’s life.

5.    How is buyer behaviour changing? 

Personalisation and custom products. Owners, designers and architects always demand for a higher level of tailor made solutions. They are now more conscious of having unique items and have more specific requests. They also want to be involved in the developing process and give some input on style or custom details.

6.    What is the most bizarre client request you’ve received?

Imagination has no limit; a yacht owner once requested a platform and gangway to be used by his dogs; this may be bizarre, but not impossible. Needless to say we were happy to do it.

7.    In your own words how would you describe Besenzoni? 

Challenging and creative.  Each yacht's owner asks and deserves the best. Our purpose is to provide excellent quality, advanced technology and distinctive designs in each product, trying to offer tailor made solutions, to respond to the specific needs of each single ship owner, while following the directives of architects and designers.

For more information about passerelles, gangways and boarding systems click here.

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