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Rethinking the motor-sailer

65m motor-sailer yacht Serendipity is a deliberate attempt by Andrew Trujillo Design at rethinking the motor-sailer.  Andrew Trujillo feels that it is a category of vessel that has been ignored for too long.  With a reverse bow and simple sweep to her sheer-line.  She aims to be more graceful than some vessels of this type.

Her design aims to target owner's that are more accustomed to a motor yacht but see the advantages of sail. Motor sailers were popular in the seventies, but have since fallen out of favour; because many of them, although practical, were not blessed with good looks.

Andrew Trujillo said “She is intended to provide a comfortable ride, by heeling less than performance oriented sail yachts. However, the way she would achieve this would be taking technology found in performance sail boats, by means of a lifting and canting keel. The canting mechanism would lock in the central position for the keel to be raised. The canting mechanism would be an active system counteracting heeling motion to an extent where she would heel no more than a similarly sized motor yacht.”

Andrew continues “The yacht has been designed with the aim to encourage motor yacht owners to consider the use of a sail assisted yacht without having to make the many compromises that might be expected from a conventional sail boat. So she is designed to behave and look more like a motor yacht.”

Through integrated solar panels in Serendipity’s superstructure, Andrew Trujillo Design is attempting to create a yacht that aims to be both greener and more efficient. The solar panels will not massively reduce the carbon footprint of a yacht this size however, they will provide emergency and low level power generation as well as provide pre-heating to the hot water system.

For more information please visit Andrew Trujillo Design

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