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Rialto Living receives industry recognition

Rialto Living, a leading lifestyle and interior boutique in Palma de Mallorca, has recently received recognition from the yachting industry as a ‘Favourite Lifestyle Store in Palma’. 

Featuring in Palma’s local yachting news publication, The Islander, this month as the Stewardess’ Pick of the Month, the boutique was commended for its floral arrangements, which were named to be “second-to-none” when compared to Palma’s other florists. 

The stewardess, who goes unnamed, wrote, “From large arrangements boasting extravagant colours and exotic flowers, to smaller toned-down bunches; they’ve all been lovingly put together by Brigitta. She clearly has a real flair for mixing and matching; I love just how some of them look effortless, as if they’ve been picked.

“The flowers get refreshed up to three times a day, but if what’s on display is not what you had in mind, Brigitta can easily make something for you. Whether that’s an oblong arrangement for the aft deck table or something pretty and petite for the master cabin bathroom, you name it... she’ll artfully snip and shape it.”

The stewardess also praises the quality of Rialto’s artificial flower selection, which she suggests, “need a pinch to determine whether they are real or not”.

The acclaimed lifestyle boutique has recently announced that its next exhibition, ‘Open Mind’, will be opening its doors this Thursday 29th October at the Rialto Living gallery from 7:30pm.

The exhibition will be the second exhibition by Spanish artist, Stephanie Sanchez-Amor at the Rialto Living gallery. Speaking of his collection, Stephanie said, “An explosion of colour in a painting is, for some, synonym with happiness and euphoria. For me, colour and shape are the tools I use to configure my own personal universe, in search – as I’ve done in previous works – of a certain order to withstand chaos, perhaps in an attempt to configure an ‘organised chaos’. 

“This is an arduous task, as looks can be deceiving and our minds need to decipher messages and choose amongst different options. Our brain is unable to rest, as it all gets too loud. It appears that nothing makes sense, that all logic is lost, or rather misconstrued. It’s only when we stop to look for the raison d’être that everything begins to flow, and a meaning unique to each of us emerges. We finally realise that the structure is much more than the sum of its parts. Each painting speaks, not with words, shapes or colours, but with the language of the open mind.”

For more information, contact Rialto Living, or visit the website.

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