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Rocna Anchor Sales Doubled

International sales of the New Zealand designed Rocna anchor has doubled in the last year, according to Rocna Anchor’s CEO Steve Bambury.


“Sales around the world have skyrocketed, particularly in the USA, Europe and Asia,” said Bambury. “Sales remain strong in our traditional markets of Australia, New Zealand and Oceania, but the strongest growth by far is in new markets.”


Rocna anchors are now available in 30 countries and the list is growing all the time.


Bambury attributes this massive growth in demand to recent RINA classification to Super High Holding Power (SHHP), growing ‘word of mouth’ endorsement and exceptional performance in several high-profile independent tests.


Rocna Anchors admits the unprecedented demand put pressure on the company’s supply chain, resulting in temporary shortages in some markets.


“The huge lift in customer demand, particularly in Europe and America, took us by surprise, but the supply situation is rapidly improving as our purpose-built facility ramps up production,” says Bambury.


New strategies and additional staff, along with efficiencies at the new, expanded production facilities, will ameliorate any further supply issues.


Rocna Anchors, ph New Zealand; ph +64 9 447 1961 international; e-mail enquiries@rocna.com, web www.rocna.com  

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