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Sardinian Carnival: A unique experience

According to Nautica Assistance, a leading yacht agency in North East Sardinia, the Sardinian Carnival is unlike any other on the planet and can offer visitors to the island a truly unique experience. Opening on the 17th January and lasting until Ash Wednesday, visitors will be treated to a carnival that has its roots steeped in ancient traditions.

While in many other parts of the world carnivals are an occasion for colourful parties, funny masks and joyful celebrations, Carnival Sardinia is a different occasion and one that is deeply felt by Sardinian people. Grotesque but solemn masks, archaic dances and songs characterise celebrations.  Villages on the island change, and black and white become the colours of the carnival, remembering the ancient origins of mysterious rituals. See the above pictures taken by reknown photographer Giacomo Altamira.

Everywhere, villagers take to the streets to celebrate – with food and wine – the approaching end of the winter season, and the slow reawakening of Mother Earth.

The island carnival season was started on Sunday 17th January by the lighting of the bonfires dedicated to Sant’ Antonio. Until Ash Wednesday, archaic and traditional rituals are celebrated during the whole Carnival week, with big celebrations held on Shrove Tuesday and the last Thursday before Lent.

Federica Tilocca from Nautica Assistance spoke to Yachting Pages, commenting, ”We know Sardinia is not a typical destination during winter months, therefore we are proud to share with the yachting world one of the most authentic and mysterious sides of our continent island.”

For more information, visit Nautica Assistance.

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