SATcase™ inventors select Marketing Empire to promote product

SATcase™, a state-of-the-art device designed to help save lives and keep people connected, will soon be available internationally, and Berkshire-based marketing agency, Marketing Empire, has been selected to help promote the product’s worldwide launch.

Deren Stevens, managing director at, has stated that he feels confident that this vital piece of equipment will be instrumental to many industries as the safety implications of the device are far-reaching and could result in the safe rescue of a number of individuals.

Stevens commented, “The creators of this revolutionary product have designed an object that has the capability to transform an ordinary smart-phone into a life-saving satellite phone, and we are ecstatic that we have been chosen to market such an exceptional device. As we collaborate with SATcase™ to bring it to markets in Latin America, North America and across Europe, we are very conscious of the fact that our efforts could lead to the recovery of travellers, kidnap victims, workers and executives across the globe. It’s a great feeling to market such a great product.”

With this satellite phone, users can communicate with others from any location on earth. In addition, consumers are still able to access their smart-phone’s operating system along with existing applications.

If an accident occurs or a person finds themselves in a life-threatening situation, they will be able to activate any number of life-saving functions. These include: a flashing strobe-light in white, green and infra-red forvisual identification; a built-in 2-way emergency VHF radio; an emergency location beacon capable of sending one’s GPS location to search and rescue and local police; and a man-over-board GPS identifier for mariners.

Jim Thomson, founder of SATcase™, stated, “Our initial contract with Marketing Empire included only single press release, and we were pleasantly surprised when it went viral. The response from just that one press release was so overwhelming that we knew we had found the perfect agency to help us market our device. Their team is extremely enthusiastic and constantly thinking of new and innovative ways to raise awareness about our product.”

Under the direction of Deren Stevens, Marketing Empire is currently working on plans to introduce the satellite phone to executives in a number of industries, including oil and gas, maritime, aviation, trucking, travel and personal security.

Stevens elaborated, “Our team is focused on creating a marketing scheme that will produce a high return-oninvestment for our client. We utilise a mix of innovative, new marketing methods and cost-efficient advertising tools that focuses on creating tangible results and reaching the broadest spectrum of potential consumers possible.”

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