Sea Tutors announces rising number of enquiries for private tutors at sea

Sea Tutors has announced that it has observed a rising number of enquiries from yacht crews seeking to enhance their on-board team with the addition of a private tutor.

According to recent reports from Tutors International, the parent company of Sea Tutors, increasing amounts of families are requesting private tutoring companies to join them on board during “family yachting trips”, branding them as “an essential role in any yacht crew”.

Adam Caller, founder of Sea Tutors explained, “This surge in interest is no surprise, now that more families realise that they can take extended travelling breaks with their children with the blessing of headteachers.

“The tutors we recruit for our clients work closely with the child’s school, and are often at sea for entire semesters, meaning that such long periods of family travel no longer run the risk of being detrimental to a child’s academic process, and can actually enhance their learning experience.

“In many cases, time at sea with an experienced one-to-one tutor can be just the ticket to refresh and inspire a child’s interest in academia by allowing them to experience new environments and explore the world.” 

According to Sea Tutors, having a private tutor as a permanent member of a superyacht crew could in fact become a selling point for those looking to charter a vessel for extended periods.

Caller continued, “Just as some yachts boast a world-class chef, or an on-board cinema room, having a private tutor as a permanent member of a charter yacht crew should be seen as a huge bonus for families, adding education enrichment and a unique learning opportunity to the mix.” 

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