Seakeeper Gyro standard on cutting edge yacht

The eagerly awaited 50z from MJM Yachts sets new benchmarks on multiple fronts. Technologically advanced in every respect, this eminently seaworthy 15.2m vessel leaves others in its wake when it comes to efficiency, handling and safety. It's also setting an industry pace for stabilisation systems as the first to include a Seakeeper gyro as standard equipment.

The MJM 50z was created by the MJM team, including design, engineering and construction experts Zurn Yacht Design, Burke Design and Boston Boatworks. It features a sleek profile and modified deep-V hull to slice through waves with grace. Constructed with prepreg epoxy, Kevlar, E-Glass and Corecell, this exceptionally strong and light yacht offers remarkable fuel efficiency of 113 lph at a 25 knot cruise speed. The robust 50z is expected to achieve an ISO Category A ocean rating.

Bob Johnstone, MJM founder commented, "We believe the 50z brings a game change to yacht design. Our 50z, by the nature of its low vertical center of gravity, is already uncommonly steady, and the Seakeeper pushes it to an unprecedented level of boating comfort". He anticipates that making the Seakeeper standard will put competitors on the defensive.

Brook Stevens, Seakeeper regional sales manager added, "Becoming a blueprint item for such a fine vessel is yet another first form Seakeeper, and MJM Yachts has set the bar for the industry,"

Customer interest helped spark the Seakeeper gyro standardisation. Johnstone said a “40z owner was willing to upgrade to the 50z only if it was equipped with a Seakeeper gyro, as it was the only way to persuade his seasick-prone wife to join him on board. Other prospective customers mentioned Seakeeper at the 2013 Fort Lauderdale show; this convinced me that MJM Yachts had an opportunity for a breakthrough in the industry, to further underline its technological leadership. And, more importantly, a chance for a major advance in boating comfort,”

Bob continued, "A sailboat is more stable in a seaway than a powerboat because the sail and keel counteract roll. A sailboat's drawback is that it heels over at up 20°. The drawback of all powerboats is that they don't stay level either, because they all roll, no matter how stable otherwise. A Seakeeper-equipped MJM 50z captures all benefits of both power and sail with none of the drawbacks. It doesn't heel, and it doesn't roll,"

The 50z combines generous accommodations and plenty of entertaining space with easy operation. Its single level deck with 360º visibility and joystick control make it simple for a couple to handle. Propulsion choices include twin or triple Volvo-Penta IPS drives or Yanmar outdrives for top speeds up to 40 knots.

Aboard the 50z, the quiet, compact and efficient Seakeeper unit fits neatly in the utility room, forward of an optional side-by-side Miele washer and dryer.

More information can be found at Seakeeper 

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