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Seaway Powell Marine complete three innovative engineering projects

Specialising in engineering solutions and deck equipment for the marine industry, Seaway Powell Marine has been providing innovative solutions for the marine industry for the last 40 years. This is particularly evident in the latest three projects completed for Griffon Hoverwork.

Based in Southampton, Griffon Hoverwork is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of hovercrafts; specialised marine vessels which function by creating a cushion of air between the hull of the vessel and the surface below. They are able to operate over almost any flat surface including shallow water, ice, vegetation, mud, logs and debris, rapids and flood plains.

Seaway Powell Marine has been heavily involved in three key aspects of Griffon’s latest hovercraft, the BHT 150 Korean Coastguard Vessel.

The first of these is the lightweight anchor windlass, designed and manufactured by sister company, Hypac. A compact and reliable windlass, it maintains strength and mobility and can be used with either a combination of rope and chain or an all chain anchoring system. Being the lightest anchor windlass in its class it is ideal for hovercraft, and other high speed vessels, where weight is a key design consideration.

The second project completed on this vessel by Seaway Powell Marine is a solution for the ‘Well Deck’ cabin roof and doors. Fully designed and supplied by Seaway Powell Marine, the electro-hydraulic doors and roof open to allow access into the cabin. They are controlled by precision engineered electro-mechanical actuators.

The final element for this vessel is an innovative custom bow ramp. Manufactured in house by Seaway Powell Marine at their production facility in Shaftesbury, Dorset, the loading ramp at the front of the vessel is hydraulically powered through a system of sequenced hydraulic rams giving precise control when opening and closing. Included in the design is a power unit and fully integrated electronic control package for both the aforementioned windlass and ramp.

For more information visit Seaway Powell Marine

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