Small Craft Surveyors Forum at Seawork International 2013

More than 60 marine surveyors and brokers attended the annual seminar organised by the Small Craft Surveyors Forum (SCSF), held on Wednesday 26 June at Seawork International 2013.

The seminar, entitled ‘New Regulations and Old Rules – A Review’, was held in the Mayflower Cruise Terminal and took delegates through some of the requirements for vessels under 24m being used commercially under the MCA codes.

Paul Johnston of SCMS, opened the event by discussing the trials and tribulations of naval architects producing and checking stability books for commercial vessels. He discussed common pitfalls such as the transposition of figures, which can make a great difference in a stability calculation. Another example was dipping the pendulum in oil before doing an inclining test to ensure it was heavy enough to provide an accurate reading. Water is an alternative if oil is unavailable.

Harry Gale of NI then spoke about the requirements of Annex V Garbage Regulations and Port Reception facilities. He advised that although these apply to vessels in commercial use, the principles are valid to every boat in the world. They also provide guidance on separation and storage onboard, and the requirements for ports to have a management plan and provide proper receptacles. The days of throwing everything overboard are long gone and there are large fines for captains and owners who ignore the regulations.

Bringing the seminar to a close, Captain Paul Townsend, of IIMS, led delegates through the incoming Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) regulations. The new regulations will be ratified by the UK Government on Tuesday 20 August, with a 12 month implementation period and apply to vessels employing staff – from the ship’s crew to the beauticians on cruise ships – and covers their pay and conditions, including adequate rest and recreation.

SCSF members are being trained to include checking MLC requirements when they undertake the coding of the vessels. The Chairman of the Small Craft Surveyors Seminar, Charles Rossiter from the YDSA, advised delegates that a joint CA training day would be held on Wednesday 18 September for all coding surveyors.

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