SmartYacht announces shared yacht ownership in the Seychelles

Previously operating exclusively in the Mediterranean, SmartYacht is now offering luxury yachts for co-ownership in the Indian Ocean. The company’s motor yacht Ferretti 500 is now available for shared boat ownership in the Seychelles.

On the announcement, SmartYacht commented, “The shared yacht ownership scheme is the perfect solution for investors interested in experiencing a private yacht with a fraction of the costs and maintenance issues, and the Ferretti 500 is an ideal vessel for our innovative yacht-sharing programme.

“The Seychelles provides a perfect complimentary destination to the Ferretti 500. Her quick and nimble 15m structure grants easy access around the intricate chain of 115 islands, allowing guests to intimately explore the ancient archipelago like never before. Nature here is very much preserved as it was: palm trees grow taller than anywhere else, their boughs bend to the weight of their oversized coconuts; pink coral reefs tangle and twine below the yacht’s hull, visible through the gin-clear waters and the mountainous jungles hum to the sound of exotic animals.

“Contrary to the primitive nature that thrives on the Seychelles islands, the marina is nonetheless highly advanced. Connected to the beautiful golden beaches of Eden Island by a network of pathways, a fully equipped deep-water marina over 56 hectares in size accommodates megayachts of up to 100m. Megayachts rub shoulders with the small, colourful wooden boats of the local fishermen, but there is also ample room for yachts of more modest size, such as the Ferretti 500.”

The Ferretti 500 itself, offers accommodation with room for four guests across two spacious cabins. Other rooms on the yacht include a private bathroom, a captain’s cockpit, a separate crew cabin and a linear galley.

For more information, visit SmartYacht.

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