Staff appointments for expanding Palmawatch

The Mallorca based yacht service and refit/repair specialist Palmawatch has recently appointed Sylvain Brault as their used director of operations. Sylvain will be responsible for coordination of projects including the all-important communication between various trades and the Palmawatch dedicated workshop, which is sited adjacent to Palma's STP superyacht refit yard.

According to Palmawatch, the lift out facilities and extensive hard standing space at STP has been busy this past winter, and Palmawatch have been very active on a number of major projects at the yard, where they have serviced over 500 yachts and completed several refits per year since they started out back in 2002.

Palmawatch was founded by two yacht captains, Pierre Oberon and Peter Bräckel, and the appointment of Sylvain follows the company's philosophy of retaining staff with proven sea going experience, in order to bring detailed practical knowledge to the project management aspects of their work.

Sylvain holds an MCA Ocean Yachtmaster certificate, and started sailing dinghies in his native Canada back in 1965, since then he has covered 80,000 nm at sea as captain of a number of large yachts. This includes 23,000 sea miles as master of a Swan 100 that he supervised the construction of in Finland, before taking her around the world for her owner.

In 2012 Palmawatch was appointed as “preferred service partner” for the ever growing fleet of Oyster Yachts in Mallorca, an important recognition of the quality and reliability of their services from one of the world's leading boat builders.

As an example, one of the projects the company are currently engaged with is the total reconditioning of an Oyster 625 being executed over a four-month period. The works involve a complete top sides re-spray, interior and exterior glass fibre and gelcoat works, overhaul of engines, servicing several pumps and comfort systems, electrical repairs, mast un-step and much more.

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