STARS’N’BARS creates social media challenge to reduce Monaco’s carbon footprint

Monaco-based restaurant STARS’N’BARS has launched a new social media challenge in a bid to help cut Monaco’s carbon footprint in half. The campaign aims to raise the awareness of how simple ‘eco-citizen’ actions can make a positive difference to the environment.

Earlier this year, the restaurant’s EcoHub Manager Louise Svensson filmed and posted videos online showing various STARS’N’BARS employees committing to simple eco-actions to reduce plastic waste and cut energy use. All of these actions support the National Pact For Energy Transition, whose goal is to sign up all Monaco residents and workers in a voluntary campaign to reduce the principality’s carbon footprint.

This week, STARS’N’BARS released a new challenge to promote carpooling in a one-minute video featuring a number of employees – dressed as sports figures, cowboys and superheroes – exiting a Kia electric car. At the end of the video, the team nominated several local businesses to join the campaign and make a pledge.

To take part, STARS’N’BARS has explained that businesses should follow these three steps:

  1. Choose an ‘eco-geste’ (eco gesture) and film yourself carrying out that activity
  2. Tag/nominate five people or companies to do similar
  3. Post on social networks with the hashtags: #OnSengageAndYou #EcoHub #ICommitAndYou

Earlier this week it was announced that STARS’N’BARS, in partnership with Yachting Pages Media Group, are teaming up to reduce plastic waste in and around Port Hercule after the Monaco Yacht Show 2018. Taking place immediately after the event, volunteers are invited to join the ‘Eco Angels’ to pick up leftover plastic waste and raise awareness of environmental responsibility.

For more information, visit STARS’N’BARS. Follow Yachting Pages on Facebook and Twitter to join the conversation.

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