Stormy Lifejackets Launches 'Innovative' New LifeSaver Inflatable Ring

The Stormy LifeSaver, a new inflatable life ring, has been released by the noted Australian PFD (Personal Flotation Device) manufacturer Stormy Lifejackets.


According to its manufacturer, the LifeSaver is especially well suited to sailing vessels, including superyachts, where deck space is limited and the life ring is required to be thrown quickly.


The Stormy Lifejacket is designed to be dropped from helicopters, bridges, cliffs, wharves, or thrown from the beach or any vessel to assist anyone in trouble on the water.


“Saving lives has always been our mission for Stormy Lifejackets,” said Helen Moore, Managing Director and Chief Designer of Stormy Lifejackets.


“We are an innovative company who are always looking to develop and bring new products to market that prevent unnecessary drownings.


The company’s new life ring is the latest of its pioneering products which include the Stormy Rescue Grenade, launched in 2007.


The Rescue Grenade is extensively relied upon by Australia’s sailors, emergency rescue groups and maritime construction companies. These include State Emergency Services, coastguards, police, Port Authorities and paramedics.


“The success of the Stormy Rescue Grenade showed that an inflatable life ring is a valuable lifesaving tool. It was a natural progression for the company to release a re-useable version of this type of PFD,” said Moore.


The re-useable Stormy LifeSaver is water activated and designed for immediate use in a range of working conditions, including man overboard situations.


Its design includes a hard outer casing so the LifeSaver can serve as a durable life saving device. It is specially designed to be non-disposable for continued use over time, and is stored in an easy-to-handle hard plastic case.


The LifeSaver uses a 33gm C0² cylinder and water activated canister so that it automatically inflates once it is dropped into the water. The device’s outer case sinks to act as an anchor, while the jacket itself provides over 150 Newtons of buoyancy to aid in man overboard situations. 


Stormy Lifejackets has also designed its new product to be easily deflated, recharged and re-packed with the Stormy LifeSaver re-charge kit.


Meanwhile, Stormy Lifejackets is set to enjoy further growth when it launches its full range of products into Europe. 


For further information about Stormy Lifejackets, visit

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