STR Europe’s marine zero/low emissions technology reaches the Far East

STR Europe has announced its latest signed contract for the supply of the whole energy generation and storage system and the electric propulsion system of 200hp between the company and JOLLYFINE of HONG KONG represented by Mr Patrick Bruce.

These Zero/Low Emissions Energy and Propulsions Systems represent STR Europe’s latest and most-innovative marine technology worldwide.

The STR Europe system will be implemented on a “house-boat” with three decks, currently under construction.  Designed by a team based in the Far East comprising Alex Pepall, Thanos Condylis and Patrick Bruce, the boat aims to minimise environmental impact in several ways.

The STR Europe project is coordinated by a team headed by Prof. Carmine G Biancardi, Ms. Marielle Labrosse, MEng, technical director, and Mr. Scott MCMillan as leading electrical engineer.

The low energy system by STR is part of a strategy that includes onboard sewage treatment, water harvesting and grey water recycling, and low energy air conditioning.  Material wastage in construction is minimised through the use of cad-cam plasma cut steel plate. Equipment has been specified to achieve these environmental objectives without sacrificing comfort expected in any home, whether afloat or on land.

The STR Europe system will permit the house-boat to have:

  • A runtime of at least one hour at eight knots using power supplied by batteries alone
  • A runtime of at least four hours at speeds below six knots using batteries alone
  • Continuous and unlimited operation with generator(s)

The system also includes a solar energy generation system and high tech battery bank with a backup generator, and twin electric motors.

These innovative and revolutionary technological jewels mark the start of a new era in the pleasure and recreational craft sector. The STR-Europe series of energy generation and storage systems and electric marine propulsion systems are designed from the ground up to be easy to operate and easy to install.

The range of energy generation and storage systems and propulsion system of STR Europe ranges between the smallest 5kw up to 300kw.

STR Europe explained, “The goal of zero/low emissions is not a dream now, mariners can seriously imagine navigating or sitting at anchor in complete silence, with no generator running... no noise, no diesel fumes or smells… yet all the power you can use.  It is real and it is now fully available to the distinguished owner.”

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