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Submerge yourself and see the Med without even getting wet!

Most have likely been online and used Google Streetview - where its able to see 360-degree images of the city streets around the world. Now the search giant has a very unique and amazing new feature that brings underwater images that people may never have seen right in front of their eyes on their computer screen, allowing users to go virtual scuba diving to the Great Barrier Reef, the Philippines, Hawaii and soon Monaco.

A 2km stretch of coast in Monaco is being photographed by divers with a specially equipped camera. Over four days they have collected 2,000 panoramic photos of the marine environment. They should be available to see at the Oceanographic Museum in mid-December.

This is all part of a bigger project called Google Oceans but Monaco is the first European country to take part.

This project is still in its early days, and relatively limited in terms of the locations that are supported, but some incredible underwater wonders can be seen without getting a single drop of water on you.


While it’s probably not going to stop people experiencing the real thing, it will almost definitely leave them feeling inspired.

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