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Superyacht Azzam drawing attention in dock at Tarragona, Spain

The Lürssen Yachts superyacht Azzam is still in dock in Tarragona, Spain where she is drawing a lot of attention.

At 180m (590ft), Azzam is currently the largest superyacht in the world; a statistic which is soon to be challenged by the Triple Deuce billion dollar yacht, which at 222m (728.4ft) and at a cost of $1 billion USD, will gain the title as the world’s largest and finest private yacht.

Delivered in 2013, Azzam was commissioned by Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan of Aby Dhabi, and was launched after a particularly short build time of just three years, and despite her large size, the superyacht can still reach top speeds of up to 30 knots.

Nautica Design were the external designers, while Christophe Leoni is responsible for her lavish interiors.

When put in perspective, the Triple Deuce dwarves the Azzam (180m) with a difference of 42m between the two ships. It also towers alongside other large superyachts such as the Eclipse (163.5m) and the Dubai (162m), and even some cruise ships, such as the Costa Classica Cruise Ship which stands at 220m LOA.

The new 222m superyacht project is due to begin construction in 2015, and will be launched in spring 2018 when the title of world’s largest superyacht will then be stripped from the Azzam.

For more information on superyacht Azzam, visit Lürssen Yachts.

For more information on the upcoming Triple Deuce superyacht, visit 4yacht.com

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