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Superyacht Market launches digital platform for superyacht brokers

Superyacht Market is a digital platform that helps central brokers connect directly with potential superyacht buyers.

Superyachtmarket.com invites potential buyers to bid on listed yachts. Once a buyer places a bid, it is immediately communicated to the central broker exclusively. The central broker then directly contacts the potential buyer.

It operates as an easy-access platform and is not involved in any actual transactions between buyers and central brokers. In order to raise interest they display the number of bids placed on a listing. However due to privacy, they do not display or share a buyer’s name or offer amount.

After eight years of development and experience with central listing brokers Superyachtmarket.com learned that listings need exposure. They must be seen by potential buyers, but more importantly, actual buyers. That’s why this digital platform for price updated superyachts has been created.

Superyacht Market uses a unique strategy. In addition to displaying offer invitation listings, they also keep track of all new price reductions on the international market and show them on their site, real time, alongside listings.

For more information please visit Superyachtmarket.com

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