Superyachts demand for vegan and dietary food increases

The demand for specialist food supplies from superyachts in the Mediterranean is increasing according to an expert in providing dietary food, Vegan Superyacht.

Yachting Pages recently announced the launch of Vegan Superyacht in January 2014 and it appears as if the company is now contributing to the increase in specialist dietary provisioning for the superyacht industry.

Angelika Fürstler, creator of Vegan Superyacht commented, “After the recent launch of the company, I've been super busy on yachts in Monaco, Cannes, Antibes and Juan les Pins. In fact I've been doing lots of provisioning supplies for many yachts on the French Riviera.”

It’s not just the vegan requirements that are being catered for but other needs as well; as Angelika went on to say, “Vegan Superyacht has been providing gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free specialties as well as on board chef services for private clients. The yachts have been very pleased with the fact that we can provide a range of supplies to suit all different needs; and have embraced the fact that all the food is vegan.”

It's not only the supply of the specialist food that's proving popular; it's teaching chefs how to prepare these meals properly, as Angelika explained, “Chefs are often overwhelmed when it comes to vegan, raw vegan or just even gluten-free ingredients and cuisine. It's a whole new universe which is why I offer my clients to come on board and delight them with my signature dishes while at the same time teaching their chef how to prepare it, giving them the fundamentals, technical background and food preparation know-how which empowers them to re-create these dishes with ease.”

Vegan Superyacht also announced how the company is working on providing an e-book to help yacht chefs produce smoothies worldwide. Angelika explained, “I am also working on an e-book for yacht chefs all around the world where I am sharing "The Art of Bliss Smoothies", which is a “super food smoothie” for guests, clients and crew. They are also full of healthy ingredients and are easy and fast to make.”

For more information, visit Vegan Superyacht.

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