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Swiss Carbon: Thriving on the challenges

Swiss Carbon is a well-established and respected supplier of boarding systems and swimming stairs for high performance sailing yachts and luxury motor yachts. The synergy of high quality carbon composite with reliable mechanical systems is at the core of the Swiss company.

The developments of carbon boarding systems are mostly driven by weight reduction, but the desire for more flexibility and bespoke designs has become an important aspect.

Thriving on the challenge to find individual and unique solutions for their customers, Swiss Carbon’s gangways are custom made and therefore optimised perfectly for storage room and weight.

Even if the weight of the boarding system is not a key issue, it becomes a very high priority if the system has to be structurally integrated. The flexibility regarding fitting is often very limited, so the integrated boarding system has to be customised.

Swiss Carbon has picked up this challenge and extended their product range to include large boarding systems and swimming stairs which match the requirements needed on superyachts.

Swiss Carbon’s main focus is not just to integrate a system; it actually has to become part of the vessel.

For more information please visit Swiss Carbon Solutions AG

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