Technology to predict IT problems

Millions are being spent by superyacht owners on technological advances, from room control systems that set the mood to the iPad-controlled Adastra.  Now, Net Dream Systems, an IT and audio-visual consultant has introduced a management system that monitors all on-board technology in real time to predict potential problems.

The system has recently been rolled out to great applause and has already been installed on board five yachts.  It monitors anything connected to the network such as cameras, telephones, network switches, servers, storage devices, touch panels, WiFi access points, entry systems, satellite receivers and more from one single interface.

Nishan de Silva, CEO of Net Dream Systems (NDS) spoke to Yachting Pages and explained, “The management systems provide a graphical representation in real time of your entire infrastructure; green lights indicate that everything is working as it should and yellow lights signify a potential issue. For example we can track the disk space on your servers or the ambient temperature, setting the alerts around agreed parameters.

“If the server reaches 70% disk usage the graphical representation on the monitoring system will flash yellow, when it reaches 90% it will flash red to indicate a lack of disk space going forward.

“We audit the IT infrastructure and configure the system to individual needs.  It’s great for engineers and captains, giving crews a cost effective way of sorting out potential problems before the owner returns in two weeks’ time for example.”

However, technological advances are not merely restricted to control systems; when talking to Yachting Pages, Nishan said, “We offer a range of IT products and services, one I am particularly excited about is our TV Box.  The box allows users to watch UK or alternative television around the world, regardless of their satellite system.  It uses their VSAT, so you could watch a UK football match from Antibes for example.  It is intended for use in a single area, such as the salon due to the bandwidth constraints of VSAT, but internet contracts are rarely restricted by the amount of data, so this is a great achievement.”

Technology is a huge part of the superyacht sector and alongside IT and internet services and entertainment and AV, security is becoming a worldwide concern, investment in alarm systems, cameras, hidden chambers and tracking devices have soared.  In line with this growing trend, Net Dream Systems has revealed that its internet enabled security cameras are becoming more popular.

The system enables authorised access to cameras via web browser, iPad, laptop, iPod or TV display worldwide, which means owners and crews, can monitor a yacht’s security systems remotely.

Nishan de Silva has been a technology consultant in the IT industry for over 20 years and is extremely passionate about providing solutions to the yachting and high-end residential markets.  He concluded, “We tailor IT solutions to the end user’s needs, we are incredibly flexible and offer an objective consultative service, which makes us unique. Our management systems truly offer a cost effective way of monitoring yacht IT systems and I am excited about the potential of this new, revolutionary product.”

For further information please visit Net Dream Systems 

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