The eco-friendly alternative to glass replacement

The glamorous world of superyachts is not commonly regarded as the most eco-friendly industry, however with the increasing pressure to ‘go green’ the yachting world is now striving to become more environmentally friendly, through ergonomic design, solar power and now, sustainable maintenance methods.

Even with the widely available means to recycle glass, it is still regularly dumped at landfill, but with the latest advancements in technology, a scratched window doesn’t mean it’s time to get a replacement; today glass restoration is a sustainable and cost-effective alternative.

With a saving of up to 70% [in comparison to replacement], this highly skilled, but well-guarded process, restores glass to its original condition by removing saltwater stains, hard water, acid rain and scratches. This makes the existing glass surface look like new, without the need to manufacture new glass and therefore reducing your carbon footprint.

Sean Gencsy, owner of Glass Rezz said, “With such ground-breaking technology it can be a challenge informing new customers that they have the choice. People are not aware that this type of glass restoration service is available, so they either leave it as is or seek out a replacement company.

“To be at the helm of a cutting edge technology and being able to bring this knowledge and service to new clients is exciting.”

When performed by a professional, the restoration process does not impair the integrity of the glass. Even glass as thin as 1/4 of an inch can be resurfaced hundreds of times, making restoration a long-term solution in the bid to achieve perfect clarity.

Sean warned, “I have found that people try to remedy the situation themselves either by applying acid or using home repair kits, even going as far as using steel wool or another type of abrasive, which simply damages the surface even more. Restoration is a job best left to the professionals.”

With the advancement of glass strengthening and a growing focus on using glass as part of a superyachts design, rather than simply a necessity, glass restoration is not only a viable but also a profitable alternative.

Sean also commented, “We are seeing more and more glass used in the architecture of the modern superyacht, not just the windows. Steve Jobs' superyacht Venus is a perfect example of what is to come. The use of glass within the structure is simply breath taking.”

For more information please visit Glass Rezz.

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