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The first certified system to correct, reshape and optimize propellers

Prop Scan is a computerised system used for measuring and sizing marine propellers.  It reduces fuel consumption, increases boats cruising speeds, and eliminates propeller vibration to optimize a propellers performance.

According to Metalnox, the company behind Prop Scan, inaccuracies in marine propellers, such as variations in pitch and camber, cause propellers to vibrate.  With the use of Prop Scan these inaccuracies are removed.  Prop Scan detects minor variations (it measures down to 0.004").  

Metalnox explained, “Prop Scan enhanced boat propellers are accurate and efficient. Vessels with Prop Scan enhanced propellers consume less fuel, saving money and increasing a vessels’ range.  On average, a vessel with an ISO Class S propeller uses between 10 - 15% less fuel than a Class III propeller.

“By precisely optimising a propeller using Prop Scan, a vessels performance can be increased. After the Prop Scan propeller optimisation process, many customers have found their top speed has increased by two to three knots. Some customers have even experienced increases of five to six knots.”

Prop Scan is also said to reduce the level of propeller cavitation which results in improved efficiency and extended propeller life.

The accuracy and consistency of Prop Scan were tested under the United States Navy "Foreign Comparative Test Program".  Prop Scan is now used by the US Navy, Australian Navy and the Canadian Navy.

For further information telephone 0034 971 213918 or email palma@metalnox.com.

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