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The perfect time of year for fuel testing

For yachts and superyachts gearing up for a summer of sailing in the Mediterranean, now would be an ideal time to perform a fuel check. Ahead of the Antibes Yacht Show 2014, Conidia Bioscience has suggested completing the preparation process of the yacht for the upcoming Med season, with a quick 10 minute fuel test. With the engines fully serviced by the ship's engineer, a high quality, clean fuel will be needed to power the vessel for the coming months.

Amendments to environmental legislation are changing the nature of bunkering for diesel yachts, increasing the risk of microbial contamination and, perhaps, putting the vessel at risk.

There are many different types of microorganism, under the umbrella term ‘diesel-bug’, which can enter fuel at any stage in the supply chain and given sufficient moisture and time, they will flourish. The bugs live in the water and feed off the fuel and the increased use of bio-fuels exacerbates the problem.

Gerry Herman, technical manager of Conidia Bioscience commented, “Regular fuel testing is the only way we can identify a microbial problem. If on testing, the diesel tanks show evidence of moderate levels of microbial contamination then an effective biocide treatment can save the day. If, however microbial growth has been left unchecked for too long and heavy contamination is detected then a tank clean will be in order.”

Conidia Bioscience are manufacturers of the FUELSTAT® resinae plus test. This onsite fuel test can be conducted wherever fuel is manufactured, stored, distributed or consumed and is capable of detecting all known organisms which grow in the fuel.

For more information, visit Conidia Bioscience.

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