The royal tribute to champagne

The first born Cuvee of Champagne Vicomte de Ville de Goyet, named ‘Cuvée Splendeur de Lys’ is elaborated with 50% pinot noir grand cru and 50% chardonnay premier cru, from harvests 2008 and 2009. The grapes used to produce this wine all come from their selection of forty years old vineyard plots which promises exceptional quality.

It is distinguished by its fine, brushed gold flower of lily, symbol of the kings, princes and nobility; entirely hand engraved by an artist, each bottle is also signed and numbered.

It is gold plated; the signature of the house is inlaid with royal blue enamel (another tribute to Royalty by the colour and the Fleur de Lys) and raised by a discrete crystal.

Vicomte de Ville de Goyet Champagne house, has also chosen for this cuvée, the bests corks for conservation and aesthetics.

For a perfect finish, each cuvée Splendeur de Lys is presented in its individual case.

The royal cuvee Splendeur de Lys is raised in Rilly-la-Montagne, in the very heart of champagne area. Authenticity is the watchword of the development of this cuvee, riddling is done by hand on desks.

Vicomte de Ville de Goyet champagne house was born out of an alliance between two people sharing the same love for champagne; both wanting to honour and make a tribute to their ancestors.

François Bertholet de Ville de Goyet, chief executive officer of Vicomte de Ville de Goyet champagne house, descends from a noble family. For more than two centuries, Vicomte de Ville, who fled the French revolution of 1789 to Belgium, and a Belgian Baroness de Goyet,  created a union which gave a line of nobles who were, and are still named de Ville de Goyet.

Melissa-Marie Moore, general manager of Vicomte de Ville de Goyet Champagne house, comes from a family of winemakers. Taking advantage of the know-how acquired over the years since the end of the nineteenth century.

François Bertholet de Ville de Goyet and Melissa-Marie Moore are both passionate about their production of very high quality wine, giving it all the pageantry it deserves.

For more information visit Champagne VDVDG

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