The start of the 2012 London Olympics with Yachting Pages

As Big Ben, joined by hundreds of churches across the nation, chimed for three minutes to mark the start of the Olympic Games this morning, the team at Yachting Pages geared up for a day of activities, sporting events, prizes and competitions to celebrate the opening of the Olympics.

Since the 2012 Olympic Games winning bid announcement in 2005, the Nation has been waiting for this historic day and the Yachting Pages team is no different.

The excitement which surrounds the opening ceremony is particularly evident and although a lot of the preparation has been kept secret, a sneak preview of gold lit dance acts in elaborate costumes and winged cyclists circling the stadium has teased the taste buds of viewers.  The prime minister has described the opening ceremony previews as ‘spine tingling’. 

Yachting Pages has also recently reported details about the superyachts docking in London for prime positions of the Olympic Games, including the 126m Octopus owned by Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft.  The team is hoping that this will open the door for future visits from larger vessels after the Games have concluded.

The Yachting Pages sporting activities got off to a dramatic start this morning, with Michael Cassidy, financial controller about to claim victory in a manager’s race; however his enthusiasm got the better of him and after falling over and collapsing to the floor, Tyrone Jones, brand and marketing manager won the race.

For further images and updates of Yachting Pages’ Olympic games visit the Yachting Pages Facebook page.

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