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The Stewardess Bible launches the ‘Guide to Housekeeping Perfection’

Kylie O’Brien of The Stewardess Bible has launched the latest installment entitled, The Stewardess Bible’s Guide to Housekeeping Perfection. Founded in 2012, The Stewardess Bible offers free information and advice for superyacht stewardesses.

The third module in The Stewardess Bible series is a reference guide to superyacht housekeeping. Explaining the art and science of housekeeping, The Stewardess Bible’s Guide to Housekeeping Perfection hones in on misjudgments that can be costly. The inclusive guide also contains sections detailing green alternatives to harsh cleaning solvents.

To help superyacht stewardesses understand the complexities of their tasks, the new guide includes real-life case studies, focused on common scenarios. Also, the third module of the series includes motivational tips to help superyacht stewardesses remain focused on their jobs.

The Stewardess Bible’s Guide to Housekeeping Perfection follows two prior modules. The first module, The Stewardess Bible’s Guide to Achieving Excellence in Service, was a collaboration of over 22 years of top-end hospitality experience and explained the stewardesses role from a number of perspectives:

A superyacht stewardess
A chief stewardess
A purser
A hotel manager
An event manager


The Stewardess Bible’s Guide to Creating the Perfect Cocktails, the second module, contained hundreds of drink recipes, as well as an overview of bar equipment and a measure and conversion guide for international yachts.

In addition, the second module included hints and tips for preparing and decorating cocktails and was released as a complimentary copy with the first book.

The module offers various international recipes for more than 150 exuberant cocktails and is a perfect guide to assist a yacht’s food and beverage professional for improvising his skills on blending, shaking, stirring and adding some impeccable ingredients for serving the world’s best cocktails.

The Stewardess Bible is the answer for many superyacht stewardesses who can’t afford or whom do not need an expensive course.

The early response to The Stewardess Bible has been remarkable, below are a few comments it received:

This is the guide I've been looking for my entire eight year career as a stewardess! A brilliant resource for ALL yachts, helping you provide outstanding service with confidence and style. Alexandra Jones, Chief Stewardess 

The Stewardess Bible is a wonderful, very helpful book which every stewardess should have in her cabin stuck somewhere along with family and friends photos. I would say: Any stewardess’s rescue book. Well done Kylie wish there was more ladies around like you! Katija Kipre, Chief Stewardess

Thank you very much. I downloaded and read through volume 1 yesterday and enjoyed your practical and concise approach. Leonoor Koole 

For more information visit The Stewardess Bible.

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