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The Yacht Auction’s First Online Auction

TheYachtAuction.com today confirmed that they are on target for 20 entries for their first online yacht auction being held on the 22nd February - having 15 entries to date.


“We are getting the message out there, and are particularly pleased with the very positive response from experienced Yacht brokers, especially once they realise that when they enter their owners’ yachts their broker/client agreement remains unchanged. We are also currently experiencing serious interest in placing larger yachts into the auction.” commented Director Andy McDougall.


Yachts currently listed on the website range from 46ft through to 115ft and include both quality motor and sail with more to come.


“To say we are excited is an under-statement” said Andy McDougall.  “We spent a very long time researching the market place, looking at where other auction companies have failed and learning from their mistakes. One major benefit is we have the support of a leading luxury auction house” added McDougall.


“We strongly believe in the many advantages of the online yacht auction, and by planning 4 auctions throughout the year, we have provided both yacht brokers and yacht owners the opportunity to plan and prepare for the auction when they are ready to include and sell their yachts” said fellow Director James Fordham.


According to James Fordham a number of, very keen, buyers have already registered to participate in the first auction and are looking forward to the bidding process.


There is naturally much interest in the industry to see how TheYachtAuction.com develops but with the company emphasising that they are in it for the long haul, this may be the long awaited catalyst to increase international yacht sales throughout these uncertain economic times.



For more information please visit TheYachtAuction.com

Or follow TheYachtAuction.com on Facebook & Twitter.

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