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According to the Roman historian Pliny, who wrote in Naturalis Historica in 77 A.D., man first produced glass by accident about the year 5000 B.C. Phoenician sailors feasting on a beach near Belus in Asia Minor, could find no stones on which to place their cooking pots; therefore, they set them on blocks of soda carried by their ship as cargo. As the fire's heat increased, the sand and soda turned to molten glass.

From ornamental glass production through the ages to revolutionary and technological advancements, the cleaning of glass has passed from housewife with a squeegee to teams of specialists in this modern day.

Having worked in glass restoration for 12 years, Glass Rezz company owner Sean Gencsy tells Yachting Pages in his experience with architectural, residential and now marine glass that glass surfaces consists of minuscule fractures that allow mineral deposits such as dirt, pollution or grime to become deeply embedded.  This is very evident over time, proving to be the very porous element that it is.  So much so that it requires regular maintenance and specific care to keep its luster. He goes on to share some of his cleaning tips and to say that they use a diamond grade sanding paper and a unique polishing solution (top secret) that is aggressive enough to work on almost any blemish but gentle enough to polish the glass back to crystal grade clarity. It is also super safe for the environment and even superyachts!

Based in Florida, Glass Rezz now specialise on Superyacht repair, perfecting their scratch and water spot technology. When speaking to Yachting Pages Sean said, “I am really very excited about the recent collaboration with Yachting Pages. It is already opening up avenues for business, here in Florida but also in the greater global superyacht community. I hope it will bring to light this revolutionary technology which not only saves money but give the yachts the specialist love and care they deserve.”

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