Two-way iPad/iPhone streaming from Lantic

Denmark’s Lantic Entertainment Systems, a specialist of integrated entertainment systems for superyachts, is rolling out two‐way content exchange between Lantic systems and portable Apple devices.

Viewing or listening to content stored on an iPad or iPhone on a Lantic system is simple. The user connects the portable device to the local Wi‐Fi network, presses the Stream icon that appears at the bottom of the Play Now screen and then selects Lantic Entertainment System as the destination.  Sound, video or photographs can all be enjoyed on the big screen using the local amplifier and speakers.

The reverse process, sending TV, movies, CCTV and more from the Lantic System to the iPad / iPhone, represents a major advance in onboard entertainment.  Lantic users can now access the full power and versatility of the onboard entertainment system with its thousands of movies and audio tracks from literally anywhere on board that has Wi‐Fi access via their Apple devices. They no longer need to use fixed screens and speakers to access music, movies and satellite or terrestrial TV.

Access comes through the latest version of the Lantic app that already provides full remote control of the onboard system. Once again a new Play Here button appears on the Now Playing page when the streaming option is available. Press it and the content instantly ceases to play on the Lantic hardware and instead transfers to the tablet or smartphone.

Peter Bouman  of Lantic said, “Of course, fixed screens and speakers will still have a valuable role to play in any entertainment system, but this new ability to broadcast high quality content from the central servers to remote devices will certainly lead to a change in the ratio of fixed to portable screens on board many yachts.  Tablets are so much more convenient, and this development allows different media to be accessed at the same time within a single zone, providing more choice and more convenience.”

The company has also recently integrated lighting, climate, blinds and more into the Lantic package of cabin control.  The new YCS (Yacht Control System) is more compact than ever to aid installation, and can now be accessed remotely for software upgrades and diagnostics.

For more information on Lantic Entertainment Systems, visit www.lantic‐

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