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Ultrasonic cleaning is the popular choice for yacht engineers

An increasingly popular choice for engineers in the yachting industry is the new ultrasonic cleaning equipment, which is used to clean the air intercoolers of engines and generators in a more effective way. The new method, which is used by Serveis Nàutics Davant, a leading engines and generators company in Barcelona, is becoming more and more popular in the yacht industry according to the specialist.

In a recent interview with Yachting Pages, Jordi Pujol, owner of Serveis Nàutics Davant commented, “We have new ultrasonic cleaning equipment in order to clean the air intercoolers in a more effective way. The chief engineers from superyachts love the way this is done, and love using the new machine we have.

“The business was founded only five years ago, in 2009. I have a degree in naval machinery and after working 15 years for other companies in Palma de Mallorca, decided it was time to open my own business. Serveis Nautic Davant was then founded.”

When asked what makes the company stand out among its competitors, Jordi stated, “Because I have worked for other companies in the past, I know what services they offer and understand what we have to do to be better. We can communicate in a transparent way when talking about the condition of the engines and generators, which people appreciate.”

Serveis Nàutics Davant also announced that they are now the official service dealer for John Deere in Barcelona, Spain, providing a mobile service to the visiting yachts and superyachts.

The company has had to adapt to changes in the economic climate and when asked how the business was affected by the recession, Jordi commented, “Every single S/Y knows exactly what they want and contact us directly because of the quality of our service.”

Jordi went on to give an example by stating, “We once had a customer who was not happy with their service and asked for a test to measure power load. After doing the test the client confirmed that the service was actually done in an effective way and that the engine was working at a perfect level. Since then, this client has been working only with us, no matter where they go, this S/Y will call only us when dealing with the maintenance and repair of their generators.”

Jordi also shared with Yachting Pages some of the clients that Serveis Nàutics Davant has worked with so far. The yachts included 50M M/Y Harmony, 45M M/Y Elise and 59M M/Y Lady Lara which all had Northern Lights generators installed as well as 42M M/Y Basmalina II, which had two John Deere generators installed.

Finally when asked if the company was doing anything special this year, Jordi joked “We are doing advertising for the first time with Yachting Pages!”

For more information, visit Serveis Nàutics Davant.

For information about generators, visit Yachting Pages.

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