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Voyonic Crewing Ltd outlines new partnership with CYD.Tax

Guernsey-based yacht-crew management company Voyonic Crewing Ltd has confirmed a partnership with the creators of the CYD.TAX mobile app, in an effort to simplify the way seafarers record and report their location for personal tax purposes.

The new and unique CYD.TAX app uses a simple four-step set up manager that enables users to input their residency details, including countries they spend significant time in, to aid the completion of tax returns.

The app was in beta testing earlier this year – primarily focused at frequent business travellers and high-net-worth residents of ‘tax friendly’ territories – when Voyonic Crewing identified how ‘ideally suited’ the technology was for the maritime industry to accurately record the whereabouts of seafarers.

The directors of Voyonic became aware of the benefits of the app at a Chamber of Commerce event held in Guernsey, and worked to establish a partnership with CYD (Count Your Days + Tax) at the same time the company was establishing its own corporate services and accounting business, Aspire.

Aspire was formed in response to increasing demand for corporate services and accounting work from Voyonic Group’s multi-national client base and thousands of employee mariners. Having now established the appropriate in-house expertise and financial service licenses, Voyonic and Aspire can utilise data obtained from CYD.TAX into tax returns or other documentation that may be required by tax authorities.

As well as recording GPS co-ordinates and securely validating and storing those details to banking standard security levels, CYD.TAX is uniquely robust and reliable enough to present to tax authorities as an acceptable digital record of historic daily user locations for tax purposes.

Once downloaded to a user’s phone, CYD.TAX runs silently in the background of the device. At the end of each tax year the app eliminates the need to collate papers to provide proof of where a mariner has been by producing an easy-to-read digital summary of total days spent in each territory.

Should any tax authority choose to challenge a mariner in the future, CYD.TAX data is compiled and cross-proved to a level of detail that is designed to stand up to the scrutiny and investigation of HMRC in the UK, or any other tax authority in the world.

Fore more information, visit Voyonic Crewing Ltd or CYD.TAX. Follow Yachting Pages on Facebook or Twitter to join the discussion.

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