What do you give the lady who has everything?

In the world of superyachts, where money is truly no object, there is a constant search for the ultimate gift. Superyacht owners and their better halves have access to anything and everything so when they wish to treat the lady in their lives, what could they possibly offer?

SeaSkin is a unique ecological brand for bespoke luxury skin care made exclusively for life on the sea. Using the SeaSkin Yacht Boutique, each and every organic ingredient is made to restore the damage on the skin caused by the sun, water and wind. Plus each product can be designed specifically for an individuals exact skin type and usage.

Another part of the business is SeaSkin Yacht Service. Not only can SeaSkin, produce bespoke beauty products with the world’s finest ingredients, they can also produce an exclusive range of products specifically for an individual superyacht. Branded with the yacht name and or logo this can be done for each set of charter guests who use the superyachts and would be tailored to each guest’s individual needs. They can also produce a range that would sit permanently on the yacht for owners and guests to use, which would compliment the conditions of the area the yacht was based in.

They also offer SeaSkin Onboard experiences, these holistic, spa treatments are carried out on board the superyacht, provide solutions for detox, yoga, stress, fitness and weight control.

With a product range and service which is as unique as the superyachts and owners who use them, this could potentially be the ultimate gift.

To find out more about SeaSkin visit, www.seaskin.eu.

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