Working in the superyacht model making industry

Models are imperative in the presentation of new superyacht designs, providing a multi-dimensional view of the vessel.  In the superyacht industry demand for model makers comes from shipyards wanting to showcase a new yacht, or from owners wanting a scale model of their beloved boat.

The detail that goes into a superyacht model is in-depth with craftsmen replicating the tender, teak decking, leather upholstery, furniture, helipad, etc…

Yachting Pages interviewed Marco Matulli from Modellismo in Scala to understand how he got into the superyacht industry and what makes his services different.

How was Modellismo in Scala founded?

I started building scale models of merchant vessels for an Italian shipyard on commission in 2006.

I invested in CNC machines to ensure precision and a faster work rate. In 2006, at age 20, I started to contact Italian shipyards to offer my expertise to build scale models and have never looked back.

Initially, I built my models using manual tools, no CNC machine or so on. Now CNC machines are necessary for scale models on commission.

What makes you different from your competitors?

Model making is a passion more than a job. That means I try to find the best solution to get a better model without caring about the money.  Of course I cannot compete with Far East Asia model makers for price (the cost of living in western countries is higher than China) or number of models ( I work on my own), but I can offer a model made with care by a passionate model maker, I can offer a ‘tailor-made’ model.

You need to take your time to build a good model, sometimes people ask for a very quick turnaround – literally 20 to 30 days – the quality and detail simply won’t be there.  I advise clients and am realistic about projects.

What is the most bizarre client request you’ve received?

Once I received a request for a quote of a remote controlled catamaran, 150cm long equipped for fishing in a lake.

What are the current trends in your sector at the moment?

Now is a must to build a model using a milling machine or a 3d printer.

Are you attending any upcoming boat shows? 

I'm preparing to visit the Cannes Yachting Show to meet old customers and to find new ones!

Who would be your dream client? 

My dream client would be a reliable company who asks me for three to four models per year for several years, so we can work together in years to come.

What projects are you working on at the moment that you can talk about?

At the moment I'm building a Grand Banks trawler and I'm studying the building of an explorer vessel for a Thai shipyard.

For further information, visit Modellismo in Scala.

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